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If you are a family lawyer or collaborative professional, you’ve seen first-hand the impact conflict has on families. 

The decision to separate is just the beginning for our clients, and many separating couples are unable to imagine the years of parenting decisions and interactions that lie ahead. They get tunnel vision -  especially when trust is broken and emotions are running high - and if we are to be honest, we know they are often asked to make difficult decisions before they are emotionally ready. 

Collaborative professionals care about families. 

This Resource Package helps us to give the valuable service families need at a difficult time. 

Jacinta Gallant, a highly respected collaborative lawyer and mediator, developed the Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package because she wanted to have more meaningful engagement with her clients and encourage more productive dialogue between separating partners and collaborative teams.  She developed two Workbooks to help prepare clients for the difficult conversations that matter. 

Now, collaborative lawyers around the world are using Our Family in Two Homes with their clients. 

Watch the video to learn more.

Jacinta Gallant
Collaborative Lawyer and Conflict Trainer
License Our Family in Two Homes for Your Collaborative and Mediation Practice

Become a Licensee and you will receive support, training and resources from the creator of Our Family in Two Homes and join an international community of collaborative professionals using innovative tools and approaches to help separating couples.

The license includes three beautifully designed Workbooks, customized to your legal jurisdiction, for use with your clients.  You also get ready-to-use marketing materials so you can stand out as innovative family law professional. 

Do the meaningful work you want to do.
Marketing Resources for Licensees
Stand out as an innovative collaborative professional 

With your license, you will receive materials to help you market yourself as an innovative and highly effective collaborative lawyer.  Our team is here to support your work and the success of your practice.  You get all this:

  • 5 shareable social media graphics matching your chosen Workbook design;
  • A bank of 10 sample social media posts that align with the Workbook content;
  • Practical tips for using the marketing materials;
  • A social media guide to promote your Resource Package on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn;
  • A basic advertising plan to promote your practice;
  • A video by the creator of Our Family in Two Homes, explaining the resource package to potential clients (and we encourage you to film your own video!); and
  • Five short videos with Our Family in Two Homes separation “tips” - for sharing on social media while promoting your brand.

With the purchase of the Resource Package, you will also be offered special pricing with Insight Brand and Marketing Studio – the people behind the marketing materials and graphic design of the Workbook – so you can create your own video or marketing plan.

And for Collaborative Practice Groups - we are working on marketing resources to help promote Collaborative Practice using Our Family in Two Homes.