Our Family In Two Homes
Resource Package


A resource package that combines the knowledge of a collaborative family lawyer and a comprehensive workbook, 
so your family can make the healthiest possible transition to two homes.  

Maybe you’re here feeling exhausted. 
Like you’ve just climbed a mountain. 
But you’ve finally reached a decision point.
Perhaps it’s been a really long road. 
Or maybe it came quickly, but with enough impact that you’re left trying to catch your breath.
Regardless of how and when you got here, there’s a good chance emotions are running high for both of you.

While working out a separation agreement can be difficult, and sometimes heart-breaking, it is possible to reach agreement in a healthy and respectful way. To do this, effective communication is vital.

The Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package has been developed by a collaborative lawyer and mediator to help families make the healthiest possible transition to two homes. From learning healthier communication, to making decisions related to parenting, finances and assets/debts, utilizing this Resource Package gets you the knowledge and support of an experienced collaborative lawyer and a Workbook that helps you reflect on the important decisions you need to make.  It offers a discreet and practical way to have the discussions that matter.

Never cut what can be untied. 
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